Monday, April 25, 2011

Orange County Home Theater and Automation Project

 Typically work with our clients designing the Audio Video, Home Automation, Lighting Control, Security Cameras, and other technologies for their new home. We also help our clients with smaller projects that involve a single room or dedicated home theater.

I would like to share with you a home theater project in Orange County that the client wanted to convert an existing office into a dedicated home theater. As most homeowners would do, he researched companies via Google to bid on his new home theater. Long story short, he quickly found this process was very overwhelming with dealing with companies that were trying to oversell him, giving estimates with little or no detail, or not even submitting an estimate after weeks of phone calls.

Feeling very frustrated the homeowner reached out to a friend that referred him to our company. We were able to help our client design a theater, that worked with his budget, and matched him with multiple companies to submit bids for his theater.

Once the detailed bids had been submitted, we met with the homeowner to help him with the right fit for his new home theater. The company that was selected, Micheal's Company out of Van Nuys Ca along with Acoustic Innovations, and the help of the interior designer David-Michael Madigan are helping bring this project to life.

Here are some pictures of the new theater just after demo of the existing room. We will keep you all updated with the progress of the project as it moves along.

David VanWert

Future Equipment Location

Front of room/ Future 125in Projection Screen

Back of room/Window is being covered and treated with acoustic materials


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